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Beagles belong to a family of dogs called hounds. They are scent hounds and widely recognized for hunting rabbits. They love to follow their noses. Some of them are trained to hunt in packs.
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The Italian Greyhound is very fond of his human family and can be shy around strangers. He is very affectionate and does not enjoy spending time alone.
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Be sure to always praise your puppy and give him a treat when he does something Right! Use a stern, lower voice when scolding.
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Dangerous or Toxic foods to avoid: Chocolate, things high in caffeine, raisins, grapes, and fatty foods with the skin on. Drain the fat off of beef or pork.
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Its not every day that you meet someone as caring and loving towards their dogs as Lori is. She truly cares about her puppies and her clients!

Welcome to Joyful Puppy Tails!

Our dogs receive tender loving care daily. Their comfort and well- being is very important to us. We strive to find loving, forever families that will enjoy and treat them kindly.

I just started with this fun new project.  All my life I have loved animals and Dogs are one of my favorites. So when our son was born my husband and I decided, as a stay at home mom I wanted to get a couple of Dog’s and raise some puppies. It will be a new venture for me and something my son can learn a lot about nature and animal care from.

We live in Kansas, and very much look forward to our first litters of puppies, its going to be so hard to part with them I know, but knowing they will be going to loving, forever families will make it much easier.

Check back from time to time to see what we have going on…

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